Warnbro Beach

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Warnbro Beach near the coastal town of Rockingham, about 53 km south of Perth, has just recently been granted legal dress optional status, after many years of lobbying. The best time to enjoy this beach is in the morning. The firm clean sand, the crystal clear water, and the gentle waves makes swimming safe for even young children. But later in the day, when the south westerly sea breezes get up it can get to be quite unpleasant unless you have taken along a good wind break.

To get to Warnbro Beach head south along Rockingham Road and turn left into Read Street. After about 6.2 km it crosses over Safety Bay Road and changes to Warnbro Sound Drive. From here continue for another 2.7 km then turn right into Grand Ocean Boulevard. Continue along this street as it curves gently left. Turn right at Bayeux Avenue (on the corner before a park with a little lake and fountain). Go to the car park at the end of Bayeux Avenue and take the walkway over the dunes to the beach. The “free” part of the beach is to the left. If you want access to the southern end of the beach, drive to the car park at Port Kennedy and walk back or utilise the excellent bicycle path that runs the length of the beach between the golf course and the dunes.

The local Shire Council has done a lot of work in this area to try and stabilise the sand dunes and vegetation, so please take extra care not to unwittingly undo their good work by walking or driving where you should not be. By the way there are no facilities here at all so take everything you need with you.

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