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Southside is located quite near the previously-legal Pt Addis beach, near Anglesea. Access is gained by turning off the Great Ocean Road west of Torquay into Bells Boulevard or into Jarosite Road to the north east of Anglesea. Southside is just to the east of Point Addis

It should be noted that there has been quite a bit of confusion about Southside for many years - it was gazetted as official in 1986, but the signage was never installed until recently (end of 2012!) and the old signage at Pt Addis was left in place.  So for over 25 years, Pt Addis has actually been used as an unofficial beach, and the actual official beach saw very few nudists!
Given the history of the two beaches, users of Southside have reported occasional ""discussions"" with surfers or families who are unaware of the official status of the beach.  We always advise beach users to remember that in Australia, our beaches are Clothing Optional, and therefore to be used by everyone.  If you get challenged about being nude at Southside, remain pleasant and factual - point out the signs (assuming they are still there) and even move further down the beach if that's what it takes to maintain goodwill.  We prefer harmony and the high ground, to support our community and our image.
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