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Venues/Businesses starting with P

Pacific Sun Friends

Located one hour's drive north of Brisbane, Pacific Sun Friends is a family oriented, clothing optional haven catering for families, couples and singles. With 140 acres of pristine natural bushland, Pacific provides plenty of space for camping or just enjoying the natural surroundings. Camping sites are place within easy access to amenities and facilities. A tidal creek which runs through the property provides a refreshing way to cool off during the warmer months.

Pacific holds numerous functions throughout the year which provides a focal point for social gatherings and great entertainment. A fun and relaxed atmosphere is always present during the well attended functions which Pacific has become famous for.

Pacific Sun Friends

Phoenix Nudist Club

The Phoenix nudist club was created with today's nudists in mind. Times change and so does the way in which people think. With change comes the need for new ideas. All who become members of our club quickly come to know they are welcome and that they are a part of a larger family.

Every month the club has varied social and sporting events, including weekend getaways are held at different times throughout the year where our members can relax from the stress of everyday life. The Phoenix club is an active that would suit all seeking a healthy nudist lifestyle.