Welcome to the Clothes Free Lifestyle

Naturism is not just a healthy Lifestyle but has many more beneficial qualities not widely known.

The Australian Naturist Federation is the official federation for Australia, which not only promotes the Natural Lifestyle but is the first point of call for would be interested persons to obtain information.

We liaise with naturist clubs in every state and territory, work with naturist retreats and resorts, beach groups and provide a support network for individual naturists.

Part of our aim is to inform the wider community of the benefits the Healthy Natural Lifestyle offers. We do not profess it to be the one and only lifestyle for everyone.

The friendly welcome you find, when first introduced to a group of naturists, makes you forget most apprehensions you may have had and, on the way home, you wonder why you have waited so long.

People of all walks of life practice our lifestyle. You find among the membership families with small children and teenagers, couples, singles, disabled etc. and an array of occupations as well as professions; Starting with labourers, trades ,shopkeepers, teachers, clergy, doctors, politicians - we encourage harmony and tolerance in our healthy lifestyle.

We are affiliated with the International Naturist Federation  which gives our members access to all naturists facilities around the world. Each Federation has its own imprint on naturism; which is determined by the environmental differences as well as cultural customs. Affiliates of any Federation are different from each other again by their natural habitat and the diversity of their membership.

Before you make a decision, try a few different affiliates so that you may find the right one for you.