The first known nudist clubs in Australia date back to the mid 1920s. In those conservative days it was of course highly illegal, so every thing had to be very secretive. Following World War II nudism expanded quite rapidly with many new clubs being established. It soon became evident that a national governing association was needed to promote this newfound recreational lifestyle.

After a couple of failed attempts the Australian Nudist Federation was founded in 1968, primarily to promote naturism/nudism on a national scale, and to encourage and promote interclub social and sporting activities.

Specifically the aims and objectives of the ANF are to:-

  • Act as the national organisation for the nudist movement in Australia.
  • Promote organised nudism in Australia, its ideals and activities, and its good public image.
  • Safeguard and serve the individual and collective interests of the Affiliates of the Federation and to consolidate and preserve the unity of the organised nudist movement in Australia.
  • Assist in the formation of clubs/organisations whose objectives are in concordance with this Constitution and to encourage them to become active Affiliates of the Federation.
  • Promote sporting and cultural interests and activities for its Affiliates.
  • Support nudist clubs /organisations and/or individual nudists either by loans or donations.
  • Promote and act on conservation and preservation with regard to flora and fauna.
  • Construct, purchase, lease or otherwise acquire buildings, real or personal property or carry out works that may be necessary and appropriate in the attainment of the objectives of the Federation and to borrow, raise or give security for any money on such terms as the General Assembly shall think fit.
  • Produce or assist in the production of any printed or audio-visual material relevant to the Federation.
  • Promote and encourage youth participation.
  • Engage in any other activities which accord with the principles and ideals of nudism.