One of the largest nudist clubs in Australia, the Club was introduced in 1980 and has undergone several name changes to eventually become the ANF Supporter Club (SC). The SC unites and services a diverse range of nudists through publication of a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter provides members with information and contact details for other members, clubs and nudist venues.

Members of the SC are from all walks of life and include nudist venue operators, free-beachers and others who, for various reasons have chosen not to join an established club. The SC issues INF/ANF passports to all members insisting that they abide by the ANF Code of Behaviour.

Contact with the supporters club can be made via post :

"The Administrator,

ANF Supporter Club,

PO Box 4065,

Lake Haven,

NSW 2263

email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“When requesting information from the ANF Supporter Club,

please advise if you don't want the kit emailed.”

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